Thermal Imaging Home Inspections
in Edmonton & Area

Home inspections can be augmented through the use of thermal imaging technology. We use the latest in infrared technologies to look for such deficiencies as; moisture penetration, gaps in insulation, and hot spots on electrical panels.

A Thermal Imaging Inspection can help find leaks, for example, around toilets by measuring the difference in temperature of the floor coverings around the toilet. Wet flooring will usually show itself as being a bit cooler than the dry flooring around the wet spot. We can then take moisture level readings with our moisture meter to confirm the findings of the camera.

The infrared camera can show gaps in wall insulation or attic insulation. It is nearly impossible to know whether an enclosed wall cavity is missing its insulation. Thermal Imaging Inspections can help in identifying these areas by measuring the surface temperature of the interior wall finishings. The area with no insulation will show as cooler or warmer, depending on the season, than the areas with insulation. We can make note of the approximate area for you to monitor or to arrange for further evaluation.

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal Imaging Inspection, as applied to an electrical panel, helps a Home Inspector identify potentially dangerous issues with the electrical system. We use the infrared camera to check for temperature difference within the panel. A substantial difference in temperature between one breaker and the rest can suggest that; the hot breaker is not functioning correctly and requires further evaluation.

Thermal Imaging Inspection and the technology used is a valuable and cost effective way to confirm or identify the less obvious issues a home may have.

A Thermal Imaging Inspection can be added to any home inspection. It can also be arranged independent of a regular home inspection. Either way; you are adding a very important tool to your house assessment process.

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