Pre-Purchase Home Inspections in Edmonton & Area

Home inspectors do more than help home buyers; they also help when home sellers wish to put their homes on the market.

For many homeowners looking to sell; a Pre-Purchase Inspection can make your property more appealing to buyers and speed up the selling process.

A serious home buyer will have a home inspected to uncover any potential problems before purchasing. However, many sellers are arranging for their homes to be inspected before they put them up for sale.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection has numerous benefits: it can be interpreted as a gesture of goodwill to potential purchasers, it allows sellers to highlight the good condition of their home, you can also discover issues before the potential buyer does and arrange for repairs prior to listing. A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection can also demonstrate to the buyer that; their home has nothing to hide.

Almost all offers to purchase have home inspection conditions automatically built into them. For the seller, this means waiting for their house to be inspected by the buyer’s home inspector and then likely having to accept an adjusted offering price due to issues uncovered during the inspection. Or worse; have them withdraw their offer.

A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection has the potential to radically reduce the stress of your home selling experience!

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Process

We have implemented a detailed, systematic process for all home inspections, including the Pre-Purchase Home Inspection. Here is a few of the things we will cover:
  • Check the condition of the home’s exterior including wall coverings, flashing, trim, windows and doors.
  • Check all attached stoops, steps, ramps, porches, decks, railings, balconies, and retaining walls.
  • Look at the sidewalks and driveways for abnormal signs of deterioration and movement.
  • Inspect the foundation for any signs of movement or moisture intrusion.
  • Inspect installed air conditioning units and more.
  • Perform a roof inspection, including; roof covering, gutters, vents, flashings, skylights, soffit and facia.
  • On the interior we will check the windows and doors for operation and safety.
  • Test the plumbing in the bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas.
  • Inspect all visible insulation.
  • Inspect the roof sheathing and structure.
  • Inspect the attic for moisture damage and other issues.
  • Perform a functional test of the home’s heating system.
  • Determine whether any unsafe conditions exist in and around stairways.
  • And much more…

Pre-Purchase Inspections

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