New Home Inspections in Edmonton & Area

A New Home Inspection, it can be said, is just as important as any other home inspection. New or used; any home can and likely will have issues.

The bottom line with building a home is that; anybody can have a bad day on the site. Anyone, during the build of your home, may not working at close to 100% on any given day. And that is understandable. We are, as they say, only human.

But, that may mean that your new home has inherent and undiscovered issues that occurred during these “bad days”.

Maybe your Heat Recovery Ventilator has not been connected and does, in fact, still have the owner’s manual stuffed inside it? This would mean that your furnace and in fact your whole house is not breathing properly.

On another of those bad days; someone forgot to secure the toilet bowl to the flange and it is slowly leaking its contents into the subfloor and structure.

Small, unintentional oversights that may not be uncovered by the unsuspecting homeowner until some irreparable harm has been done. We are, only human. (except home inspectors: we are extraordinary!)

New Home Inspection Process

Your New Home Inspection will uncover these sort of “bad day” problems. Prairie Home Inspection will apply the same standards to your New Home as we do to all of the homes we inspect. Here is a bit of what our standards cover:
  • A visual inspection of the exterior of the home for signs of leaning or shifting.
  • Inspect sidewalks, driveways, foundations for signs of premature failure.
  • Inspect the overall structure for compromising issues.
  • Check the porches, balconies, attached garages, garage openers, basement windows.
  • Inspect the roof for best construction practices.
  • Inspect the toilets, sinks, showers, tubs for function and installation.
  • Check the heating, air-condition, electrical systems, ventilation.
  • Examine the stairs, railings, landings for safety.
  • Inspect windows and doors for weather sealing.
  • We will inspect the house room by room for any major issues that would affect the safety of your family, and more…

New Home Inspections

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