INDOOR AIR QUALITY, MOULD & ASBESTOS Inspections in Edmonton & Area

Most of us spend a lot of time indoors. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if the air that you are breathing is safe for you and your family?

Prairie Home Inspection can do an Indoor Air Quality Inspection that would show you the state of the air that you breathe. Using the latest in air sampling equipment, we would test the air in your home for contaminants such as mould and asbestos. If we find evidence of mould or asbestos in your living space we can also take tape or bulk samples for processing at Aspen IAQ Laboratories.

They will provide a detailed analysis of the samples we collected. Our inspectors will compare the lab’s data to known safe air quality limits and report the findings directly to you.

An Indoor Air Quality Inspection can make the difference between living in a safe and healthy home or suffering from the effects of indoor air pollutants.

Please contact us if you are not sure about the air quality in your current home or the home you plan to purchase. If you think you’ve got mould or asbestos in your home, contact us right away.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection Process

A Prairie Home Inspection Indoor Air Quality Inspection follows the Standards of Practice of three different associations or governing bodies.
  • The Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual tells us how to keep our clients safe during sampling.
  • CAN/CSA-A770-16 Home Inspection National Standards of Canada. This standard was developed by the Canadian Standards Association. It defines a set of best practices for Home Inspections.
  • International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2). This association provides a detailed set of rules for the sampling of contaminants like mould.

Based on the guidance provided by these three organisations, we believe that it is prudent for a home owner to test the quality of the air within their homes during any abatement process as well as once the abatement has been competed.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection – Asbestos

There are two approaches to our Asbestos Air Quality Testing Services:

1. If we suspect asbestos is present but it is isolated and has not entered the living space

  • We collect sufficient bulk samples that the lab can accurately test for the percentage of asbestos and type of asbestos.

2. If we suspect asbestos and there is a high likelihood that it has contaminated the living space

  • We collect sufficient bulk samples that the lab can accurately test for the percentage of asbestos and the type of asbestos.
  • We collect an air sample in the room where the asbestos was found for the lab to test and analyze.
  • We collect an air sample from the HVAC system for the lab to process.
  • We collect at least one base sample for comparison.
  • Additional air and bulk samples may be required.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection – Mould

Mould sampling also has two common processes for sampling:

1. Limited Home Mould Inspection – apparent mould is visible and mostly isolated

  • Tape or bulk sample is taken for the lab to identify.
  • Air sample is taken in the room where apparent mould was found.
  • At least one base air sample is taken for comparison.
  • Additional samples may be required.

2. Full Home Mould Inspection – mould is suspected but not visible (perhaps a musty smell):

  • Prior to mould sampling, the entire house is inspected. The inspection is primarily to look for sources of water penetration. But, it is also to see if visible apparent mould can be found.
  • Tape or bulk samples will be collected if apparent mould is found during inspection
  • We collect an air sample from a common living space (living room).
  • We collect an HVAC air sample. In some instances, the HVAC system itself has visible, apparent mould growth and a tape sample must be taken there as well.
  • At least one base air sample is collected for comparison.
  • Sometimes the carpet in the house is a potential source of mould contamination. We can take a sample of the particles that have accumulated in the carpet by using an air pump and special sampling cassette.

IAQ, Mould & Asbestos Inspections

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