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Whether you are a first time home buyer or a homeowner planning to put your home on the market, a professional home inspection is an excellent way to complete the assessment of a property. A home inspection will determine the condition of a house’s numerous features ranging from the roof, the foundation, to plumbing and electrical systems.

At Prairie Home Inspection we provide very thorough home inspections. This includes both Pre-purchase and New Home Inspections. We can also provide thermal images of problem areas for a more detailed inspection report.


  • Pre-Purchase
            Home Inspections

    Home Inspections

    Home inspections are not just for home-buyers. Home sellers can also use the same great Inspection services. A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection can instill confidence in potential buyers and help sell a home more quickly.

    A Prairie Home Inspection will visually examine the exterior and interior of a home as well as the home’s plumbing, heating, electrical systems and more.
  • New Home Inspections

    New Home

    Home Inspections can be applied to brand new homes as well as to the more experienced homes. The same exacting standards will be used prior to you taking possession of your newly built home as we would to an older home. Our inspectors will look at the general condition of the property as well as test such things as heating, lighting, water flow at plumbing fixtures and many other items.
  • Thermal Imaging Home Inspections

    Thermal Imaging
    Home Inspections

    Thermal imaging cameras detects infrared energy (heat) and translates the signal into a thermal image on a monitor. This gives the inspector more information to analyze certain conditions more accurately. The Thermal Imaging Inspection can reveal gaps in insulation, wet spots, and hot areas in electrical panels. Infrared imaging is a great add-on to a home inspection and equally good as a stand alone service.
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