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Whether you are a first-time home buyer or if you are downsizing for retirement, a professional home inspection is an excellent way to complete the assessment of a property. A home inspection will determine the condition of a house’s numerous features ranging from the roof, the foundation, to plumbing and electrical systems.

All the home’s major systems will be inspected during a Home Inspection. But, sometimes, you need more information than a Home Inspection can provide. We suggest using our Thermal Imaging and Indoor Air Quality, Mould & Asbestos Inspection services for a more complete picture of the condition of your home.


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  • Pre-Purchase
            Home Inspections


    A Home Inspection can be done to any residential property, new or used. We apply the same exacting inspection standards to condos, townhouses, acreages, houses and anything in between.
    The purpose of a Home Inspection is to make sure your current or future home is safe for you and your family.
    Prairie Home Inspection will provide you with a comprehensive, easy to read inspection report to guide you. And, we’re always available to answer your questions!
  • IAQ Testing Inspections

    IAQ, Mould & Asbestos Inspections

    The indoor air quality of our homes can be affected by many different pollutants. These pollutants can have a serious impact on our health and safety. Asbestos, mould and other contaminants harm the quality of the air we breath. Prairie Home Inspection can perform Asbestos Air Quality Testing Services as well as Home Mould Inspections. We collect samples of suspected mould and asbestos for processing by our partner lab to ensure the air in your home is safe.
  • Thermal Imaging Home Inspections

    Thermal Imaging
    Home Inspections

    Thermal imaging cameras detects infrared energy (heat) and translates the signal into a thermal image on a monitor. This gives the inspector more information to analyze certain conditions more accurately.

    The Thermal Imaging Inspection can reveal gaps in insulation, wet spots, and hot areas in electrical panels. Infrared imaging is a great add-on to a home inspection and equally good as a stand alone service.


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