Prairie Home Inspection now offers a life time subscription to HomeBinder, at no additional cost to you! If you book a Home Inspection, Thermal Imaging Inspection or an Indoor Air Quality Inspection you will receive this additional service, for free! You save $120.00!

Shortly after you receive your inspection report, you will also get an email from HomeBinder with a link to access your personalized, digital binder. All you do is pick a password and you will have private access to that binder and full access to all their services.

The purpose of these services is to help you manage your home once you have moved in.

The Home Inspection and the Home Inspection Report is an extremely valuable service and tool. But, as the months and years go by, the information the home inspector gave you fades into the periphery of a busy life. And, this is why, we feel HomeBinder is such a valuable addition to our services. The Home Inspection Report is your starting point and HomeBinder helps guide you the rest of the way.

What Does HomeBinder Do?

HomeBinder allows you to organise and save all related home information in a convenient online application. It allows you to schedule maintenance reminders like: change the furnace filter, replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.

You can use the online application to store important documents and information like: building permits, receipts for projects, paint colors and the contact information of you favorite Home Inspector!

The accumulated data within your personalized HomeBinder can even be used for when you decide to sell your home. You can present a potential buyer with the entire maintenance history of your house as proof of how well maintained your home is!

Have a look at this short video from HomeBinder to see how HomeBinder looks and works.

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