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Times Are Tough...

Walter Krebs - Thursday, November 23, 2017
Times Are Tough...
What do you mean by “times are tough”?

Alberta has been in a recession for a few years now, ever since oil prices dropped below $50.00 a barrel.  Many of us have lost our jobs as a result.  Some households had to rely on the very charities they used to support.  The money we once spend on holidays is now doing to groceries and mortgage payments.  Money is tight.


What can we do about it?

As individuals and as a country, we will persevere.  We are an industrious and creative group of people and we will work our way out of this economic downturn, eventually.  Some patience and hard work may be required.


What are you doing about it?

Personally, we have suffered financially too.  We have done our best to reduce any unnecessary expenditures.  These are, of course, short term pains.  Things will improve.

As a business owner, things are much the same as our personal financial circumstances.   Short term pain and hope of long tern stability.  It is, unfortunately, a reflection of our current economic climate.


Can Prairie Home Inspection do anything to help their clients?

Yes, we can do something to help our clients.  Although the cost of a home inspection is not much compared to the cost of a home, we feel we can make a difference.  If we can save you some money on the cost of an inspection then, perhaps, that money could be applied towards other home purchase expenses, like: legal fees or utility hook ups. (or maybe Christmas gifts!)

December is a month where prices and expenditures go up.  It makes sense to offer a discount for that month.  I would like to offer all my December inspection clients our “Times are Tough” discount:  15% off Home Inspections, Indoor Air Quality Inspections, Thermal Imaging Inspections, Commercial Building Inspections and every other service we provide. 

Call me when you are ready to book your inspection and I will discount the price, but not the service! – Walter




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