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The scoop on Home Binder

Walter Krebs - Friday, December 01, 2017
The scoop on Home Binder

What is HomeBinder?

HomeBinder is an online application that helps you save and organize all related home information in one convenient location.  You can set up maintenance reminders, record your home’s inventory for insurance purposes, check your appliances for recalls and much more.


How much does it cost?

When you arrange a residential inspection through Prairie Home Inspection we will set up an account for you for free!  You will have life time use and access to HomeBinder at no cost to you, ever!


I guess you share some of my information with them, what do they do with it?

Nothing!  It is a private account.  HomeBinder does not sell or share your information.  Their revenues don’t rely on selling your contact information or your market demographics.  And, you will never be spammed by them nor will they try to upsell you. 

Prairie Home Inspection would never have signed on with HomeBinder if it was any other way.  Our clients are extremely important to us and we value your privacy!


OK, but, what if I sell my house?

That is when HomeBinder proves its value!  You can now share your home’s maintenance history with the purchasers.  They can see how well you have maintained the home and all the extra work you put into it.  I am sure this will make it easier for you to capture top dollar on the real estate market.  It also makes your realtor’s job a little easier.


Sounds great!  How do I get my HomeBinder started?

Within an hour or so of getting your Home Inspection Report you will get an email from HomeBinder with a link to your account.  Follow the link and select your password.  HomeBinder will show you the basics to the account and within a few minutes you will be up and running!

Prairie Home Inspection will have already set up a few maintenance reminders for you, but you will be able to change them and add others. 

HomeBinder offers great customer support.  So, if you are stuck, they give you several ways to contact them. 

We are confident that you will find great value in this free service!


Would you like to learn more? Check out HomeBinder.com.







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