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Tenants Who Need Help

Walter Krebs - Friday, February 16, 2018
Tenants Who Need Help

I have been contacted by a number of renters.  Who, have found themselves in a home that was not healthy to live in.  Their issues ranged from:  mouse infestations to apparent mould growth.  These tenants were looking for help because their landlord seemed reluctant to correct these problems.

As a Home Inspector and Indoor Air Quality Consultant I have done my best to advise them.  But, the decision to take action usually fell to the landlord. 

But that is not who calls me looking for guidance.  It is the renter of a house, condo, duplex or even a hotel room that needs to know what to do.  I made a few calls, today.  Because I want to be able to help.  I want to know who they should get in touch with to get the support they need.

Alberta Health Services 780-735-1800:  if you have issues with a home that makes it unfit to live in, give them a call.  They want to know if a renter lives in a place that has:  mice, insects, mould, asbestos or other issues that are hazardous to your health.  They have an online form you can use too:  Online Complaint/request and their website is: https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/eph/eph.aspx

Of course, you should always have a conversation with your landlord or property owner first.  Many land owners are compassionate and caring people. And, they want to do what is right.  But, if they are not prepared to help you then you should call AHS.

If it looks like you may be going to court to resolve a rental issue, then you can call the Landlord and Tenant Advisory Board at 780-496-5959.  They are there for when a tenant may require advice before proceeding with legal action.

I hope you never find yourself living in conditions that are unsafe for you.  But, if you are, there are always those that are willing to help!

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