The Importance of a Professional Home Inspection

A house is likely the largest single investment an individual will ever make. With this in mind, most prospective homeowners arrange for a thorough home inspection before finalizing a purchase. Think of a professional home inspection as a general check up of the house and its health. A home inspector will, through the home inspection process, analyse the condition of the house and present a detailed report of the home’s issues.

The report will identify maintenance shortcomings, neglect and safety issues. These issues may affect critical systems within the home. The report will identify which of these systems shows visual signs of being at the end of its usable life.

Inspectors evaluate the building’s overall condition by examining the various visible components of walls, ceilings, roof, floors, windows, structure, and more. Your home inspector will inspect your mechanical systems that are accessible such as hot water tank, furnace, and electrical panel.

The Home Inspection

Our local home inspectors will perform an inspection of the house that typically takes two to three hours to complete. Your home inspector will provide you with a detailed, written report usually on the same day as the inspection. Inspection reports may include additional comments and recommendations that are not normally part of a home inspection, just as a courtesy to you.

Although you will receive a comprehensive report from your Home Inspector, we do invite you to tag along on the inspection too. When clients are present for the inspection they receive first hand information about the condition of their home. You can ask questions while still on site instead of having to refer to photographs and explanations after the fact. There is much that can be learned about your house while the Home Inspector is still in the home with you!

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